Mobile App Development Challenge for students

Broad Theme : Equal Educational Opportunity and Generative AI


  • Free conclave registration for all the finalist team members
  • Opportunity to present the developed product in front of the conclave audience
  • Attractive monetary prize and certificates for the winning team members
  • Internship offer (to decide)



  • Eligible teams must be regular students studying in University/Science/Engineering/Polytechnic colleges in India.
  • Teams must consist of two to three students from the same institution. 
  • The submission must reflect the students’ own work.
  • Teams will retain full ownership of the products they create during the app challenge
  • The finalists will be asked to create a short video about their app for presentation at the conclave
  • All decisions by Conclave Organizing Committee are final

Please follow the steps below to join this exciting event:

Registration deadline (19 September 2023). Students interested in participating in this App Challenge should register their names. Click on "Register Now" to start your registration process.

Start the challenge (19 September 2023). Registered teams will receive more detailed challenge statements, scoring rubrics, unique participant ID as well as other informational resources to help them refine and implement their ideas by a confirmation email.

 Submit final products online (23 September 2023).

  • The final code should be uploaded to GitHub.
  • Repository should be made public. If the repo was private and the invigilators are not able to access into it, the submission will be invalidated.
  • The participants are supposed to submit a documentation file containing the documentation of the app developed along with the link to the repo.
  • The files should have the unique participant ID as its file names.

Evaluation(26 September 2023). Submitted Apps will be evaluated following the scoring rubrics, by a panel of judges, who will select up to three finalist teams to proceed to the demonstration session in the conclave on 1 Oct. 2023.

Selection of the winning team(1 Oct 2023). Finalist teams will demonstrate their newly completed products for a panel of judges and the conclave audience.The winning team will be announced in the conclave soon after the presentation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any technology restriction?

No, you can build with any technology that you’re familiar with.

Does my entry have to be a new tool?

Yes, you must build the tool (app/software) starting from the time you are confirmed as participants in this App Challenge, not before. You may build the tool on top of an existing, general platform or API, provided that your submission to the App Challenge provides novel and significantly different functionality than what is provided by the basic platform or API.

Are teams restricted to any specific number of participants?

Yes, teams must have two to three members and must be citizens of India.

Is this event restricted to regular students only?

A regular student here means a student who is enrolled or accepted for enrolment at a government recognized institution in India for the purpose of obtaining a degree, diploma, certificate, or other recognized education credential offered by that institution.